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Mission Statement


As the caretakers of our Northern Michigan community, we, the nurses of Munson Medical Center, are dedicated to providing comprehensive safe and compassionate care and wisdom to our friends, family, neighbors, and loyal visitors.  We seek to come together with a unified voice to be true patient advocates, and to make Munson “the overwhelming first choice of patients, physicians, and employees” by creating and maintaining a culture of safety, dignity, respect, transparency, and equality.  We aim to hold Munson to a higher standard by:

We aim to hold Munson to a higher standard by:


  • Empowering ourselves as an equal voice at the table where decisions about patient care and safety are made.

  • Increasing the recruitment and retention of highly skilled nurses by making Munson a competitive and attractive place to work with fair compensation and benefits as related to the cost of living in our community.

  • Working to ensure and protect safe staffing based on acuity, safe and high quality equipment, and a proactive approach to patient and nurse safety.

  • Standing together to advocate for our patients, ourselves, our community, and the future of our profession.

We are coming together in union with the Michigan Nurses Association to achieve our goals of making Munson a great place to work, based on the ethics and values of each and every nurse in our community, to ensure we are afforded the dignity and respect we have earned and deserve, so we can deliver the best and highest quality patient care possible.

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