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1.27.2023 Bargaining Update

This week in bargaining, we made significant progress on our work scheduling and holiday scheduling proposals. We also had some of our Nurse Practitioner members in attendance to hear the Medical Center’s response to our proposal related to NP working conditions.

The Medical Center responded to our comprehensive Surgical Services proposal by saying they wish to maintain the current contract language, but we continue to fight for these crucial members of our bargaining unit. Finally, we had the opportunity to present our economic proposals related to wages, differentials, PTO, and more. We have six more days of bargaining on the calendar, and we look forward to continuing these discussions on February 1 and 2. We are encouraging all colleagues and community members to sign our petition at

The decisions that Munson administration makes affect not only us, but our patients and the communities we serve. Once you've signed yourself, share on social media, with your coworkers, friends and family and encourage them to sign as well!

You can also show your solidarity by wearing RED and MNA swag! The more red the employer sees, the stronger our voice will be.

Request a FREE MNA headband with mask holders, shoelaces, and scrub cap by clicking here! Dues-paying members can additionally request a free scrub top and t-shirt! If you aren't a member yet, you can join by clicking here.

In solidarity,

Your Elected RN Bargaining Team Shannon Gillespie, RN James Walker, RN  Angie Sheffer, RN Carol Lovely, RN Claudia Longo, RN  Jeff Challender, RN  Kyle Clark, RN  Nikia Parker, RN  Tanya Jenkins, RN Tommi Sheehan, RN 

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